Each property needs to be tailored with a specific solution that can benefit the community and the environment. We look at the property to see how we can upcycle the land to provide sustainable farming opportunities for the benefit of the local community.
Canadian Greenhouse Operations
Betterment Harvest, acquired a 50% interest in Canadian-based JC Fresh Farms and Orangeline Farms. This acquisition provides a platform for organic and acquisition-based growth through the integration of supply chain, customer contracts and land access within the United States and Canada.
United States Greenhouse Operations
The company is the process of designing highly automated greenhouses on its controlled 15,000 acres of available land in Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia and Ohio. The company is also evaluating numerous acquisitions in the domestic market.

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US Vertical Farms and Propagation
A former elementary school, renovated and repurposed into Busy Vertical Farm, a state-of-the-art Ag-tech plant propagation facility. The structure is a 25,000 square foot facility that will grow seedlings, produce and controlled lab space.
Fertilizer Recycling
The company is a gold member sponsor to CASFER which is based out of Texas Tech and has been awarded $26 million by the National Science Foundation. CASFER is developing next-generation, modular, distributed, and efficient technologies for capturing, recycling, and producing decarbonized nitrogen-based fertilizers.
Cover Crops
Betterment Harvests is working with local farmers to develop a method for creating a business purpose for environmentally sustainable cover crops. We develop a plan, market and grow plan to enable them to maximize soil nutrients and environmental sustainability.