Canadian Farms

Betterment Harvest, acquired a 50% interest in Canadian-based JC Fresh Farms and Orangeline Farms. This acquisition provides a platform for organic and acquisition-based growth through the integration of supply chain, customer contracts and land access within the United States and Canada.
"Our goal is to provide the absolute best-in-class produce through efficient operations with the least impact to our environment as possible.  This is accomplished by our world-class progressive team, who ensures a positive employee experience and the collaboration of key thought partners. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Land Betterment and the team to expand our business not only in Canada but also throughout the United States. We have had the opportunity to get to know each other for over a year and are confident that our unique skill sets bring incredible synergies to the business."

Matt Tatomir, Co-President of Betterment Harvest and Founder of JC Fresh and Orangeline

Canada boasts one of the most robust greenhouse produce sectors in the world.  Ontario alone has one of the highest concentration of greenhouse facilities and ag-tech professional talent.  This region consists of over 200 greenhouse farms growing a variety of produce on over 3,000 acres.  These high-tech growing methods can yield up to 20 times more product per acre and utilize less water and less inputs than traditional farming methods. Every year, Ontario greenhouse farms grow in excess of 520,000 tons of produce and are leading the world in resilient and sustainable vegetable production.

JC Fresh Farms Limited

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Orangeline Farms Limited

Orangeline Farms Limited is comprised of two agriculture sites.  The first being an improved 52.2-acres consisting of 20-acres of hi-tech, double poly greenhouses and an additional 12-acre hi-tech, glass facility.  The site is located in Leamington Ontario, Canada.  The facility is currently in production with a focus on the exclusive pepper market, consisting of bell and snacking peppers. The site also has additional acerage which can be utilized to further expand the facility by 48 acres of hi-tech diffused glass.  

The JC Fresh and Orangeline Farm sites yield a synthesized, collaborative, best-in-class team specializing in a high-yield, low-cost production output.  The facilities also leverage advanced growing technology enabling yields of 10-12 times greater than traditional farming methods.  Their hydroponic growing system, along with the use of advanced LED lighting, facilitates consistent, year-round production of high-margin produce.  In addition, their top-quality produce is packaged within highly-automated packing facilities encompassing more than 100,000 square feet.  These advanced growing methods and packing facilities ensure that only their high-yielding, best-in-quality produce make it onto retailers' shelves and into consumers’ homes.  

Both JC Fresh and Orangeline Farms have extensive partner agreements with some of the largest marketers and distributors in the world.  Their products can be found throughout North America within some of the largest retailers, including, but not limited to, Wal-Mart, Costco, and Loblaws.